Southeast Asian Studies at Yale University

VIET 110/120

VIET 110: Elementary Vietnamese I (Fall)

MTWThF 9.30-10.20 Not CR/D/F 3 C Credits Meets RP I(61) Cr/Year only

Intended for students with no background in Vietnamese, the objective of this course is to help students acquire a basic working ability in Vietnamese language, with attention paid to integrated skills such as speaking, listening, writing (Roman script), and reading. To this end, the lessons are centered around short dialogues on situations of daily life. However, approaches and activities are varied, appealing to different learning strategies. Students practice real communication using materials that include newspaper and magazine articles, simple songs and poems, games, maps, audio tapes, videos, books, pictures, etc. Each lesson in the textbook includes dialogue, vocabulary, grammar practice and development, task-based activities, narratives and situation dialogues to increase comprehension, and exercises to help students develop reading and writing skills. Participation is needed. No previous knowledge of or experience with Vietnamese language is required.


VIET 120: Elementary Vietnamese II (Spring)